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Located in the Seattle eastside since 2007, Ten Cent Solutions LLC has worked on many software development projects for numerous businesses large and small.

  • Project Management - Project ideation, requirements gathering, and proof of concepts
  • Healthcare IT - Measure Development support, Centricity encounter form extensions, FHIR/CQL support
  • Line of business applications - Web Applications (Vuejs, Svelte, .Net Core), Kafka, NiFi, Dynamodb

The most important single aspect of software development is to be clear about what you are trying to build.

- Bjarne Stroustrup

What makes a great software development project?

We believe there are three essential perspectives to be aware of for any software development project:

  1. Business Perspective
  2. The primary reason we are here. It is fundamental to any project that we engage in to understand the business perspective and the value we can enable. We will work with you on clearly linking any development features to business objectives.

  3. Technology Perspective
  4. The technology view focuses on how things should be built, the technologies used, and so on. A key goal of ours is to use technologies that will endure and can be maintained for the long-term. We work with numerous technologies so will tailor our solutions to your environment.

  5. Customer Perspective
  6. Software is created to serve a customer whether internal or external to your organization. Understanding this perspective generally requires spending time with the people that will regularly use the software. This is often the weakest perspective on many projects yet is usually the most important one for solving user workflow issues.

Balancing these three perspectives will go a long way to ensure the success of your project. Awareness of them will also greatly assist in making decisions and tradeoffs as the project advances.

For most engagements we recommend a planning period where we will work with you to refine a project plan that will address the needs of each of these perspectives, provide clear business value, and a proposed solution.

Todd Hibbs

Todd spent his early career in Software Development and Program Management roles at Microsoft. After successfully launching and selling a large scale online real estate company, he founded Ten Cent Solutions to help businesses develop software to benefit from business opportunities.


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